• Robbie Curtis

Sri Lanka in Pictures: Top 5

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As jovial as urban life can be in Sri Lanka, the country’s main draw is her natural beauty. The following pictures taken on my Samsung S8 reflect but a glimmer of these scenic delights:

5) Dambulla – perhaps the standout feature of the Dambulla caves is their beautiful hilltop location, the complex playing host to a multitude of monkeys enjoying the view every bit as much as I did.

4) Adam’s Peak – midway through the 5400-step descent, the morning light arrived; revealing a colourful stairway cut through the jungle, rich in religious splendour and spiritual significance.

3) Ella – Ella was so beautiful it makes it on this list twice. From rich hillside greens to sweeping blue skies, the area surrounding my hostel was as picturesque as it gets.

2) Colombo – whilst the city itself lacked the X factor, its sunsets certainly did not, with its imperial reds blanketing over brightly-lit warships on a harbour steeped in history.

1) Ella - this image captures arguably my most out-of-body and life-affirming single moment of the whole experience. Racing up the Ella hills early in the morning after a crazy all-night jungle rave, our party sat in silence and watched in awe as a seemingly endless vista of mountains emerged through a small parting in the trees.

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